Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Recommended Video Resource

Evolution vs. creationism is an issue I have actively avoided on this blog. I will continue to do so. The reasons for this are simple: it is so incredibly divisive that nothing I could say would have a positive result, no matter how well-intended or brilliant it might be. Also, nothing I could say would add much to the discussion anyway. The resources for all sides of the issue are abundant and readily available for anyone who cares to look for them. The reason for this post is to highlight one such resource that I think is particularly valuable.

I realize that even this is risky, but I have received several questions on this issue recently which tell me that it is (regrettably) as alive as ever, and also that many Christians are still largely ignorant of intelligent treatments of it.

That said, I recently acquired the DVD "From the Dust: Conversations in Creation," produced by the BioLogos Foundation. Whatever you think about that organization, this is an excellent resource. It is a collection of interviews with a remarkable range of scholars, covering all of the major topics within this debate on a level that is sophisticated but also easy to follow. Most importantly, it is fair. There are no ad hominem attacks, and the various views are presented by some of their leading proponents. Of course it isn't completely unbiased (nothing is), and one might wish for more views to be represented, but it is certainly far kinder to conflicting viewpoints than some other recent documentary-style treatments have been. I recommend it to anyone with questions about evolution, creation, or the relationship between science and faith, as it is a good intro to these topics and provides a good springboard into further research.

Also, check out the short video in the "Featured Video" section of the blog for a quick reminder from one of my favorite theologians about keeping perspective on this and other issues.

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